Dining Etiquette Workshop

Present your child with the opportunity to feel self-reliant and confident in any social or dining situation by taking interactive lessons taught by a certified etiquette consultant. Our workshop is designed to teach them how to conduct themselves on the dining table at home, in a restaurant or when meeting new people.

Teaching children proper dining skills and table manners helps them to succeed at school, socially, and later, professionally. Some food samples will be served during class. Dietary restrictions can be accommodated. Please inform us of any food allergies when signing up. 

Topics Include:Approaching and seating at the table/ The napkin and its uses/ Understanding place setting/ How to correctly hold silverware/ The bread & butter plate/ The soup course/ Proper use of silverware/ American and Continental styles of dining/ Passing food at the table/ What to do with unwanted food/ Appropriate table conversation/ What to do with unwanted food/ Excusing yourself from the table/ Other table manners & much more For more information visit www.newenglandschoolofprotocol.com  

Class Length: 1 hour 30 Minutes
Location: 55 Church Street
Min/Max: 6/10
Grades: 2-7


 6:00-7:30PM  Tu 4/30  121216-T1  $63